PES Heroes

PES staff with PUSD Governing Board

Congratulations to Kelly Mercado and Diana Girard!
They were recently notified that they were runners-up for: ‘Best of the Rim 2020’ for "Best Front Office Customer Service." 
They stated, “We work so well together that it shows when you step foot in our office. Loving our jobs makes it easy to fulfill wonderful customer service. Our sense of humor, professionalism, efficiency, compassion and friendliness are what we are best at. Smiles are what we do best!  Together, We are a TEAM!  We have been working directly together for over 5 years. We balance each other out and help one another..”  They contribute their success and good customer service to their hard work and dedication and the fact that they are a team and work as equals.  They share that it is important to show professionalism and a positive attitude for not only our parents but also the students.

Congratulations to Brianne Diego and Carol-Lyn Ryden! 
Both Brianne Diego and Carol-Lyn Ryden have had tremendous success this year with student achievement, even in our current national crisis due to the pandemic. They have excelled in helping their students learn and grow boasting high ELA scores and consistently showing above average student achievement scores from year to year.
Carol-Lyn Ryden - Has been teaching for 15 years total, 12 years in PUSD and currently a 2nd grade teacher at PES. 
Brianne Diego - She has worked for Payson Unified since 2012, with this being her 6th year teaching first grade.
"All teachers have high expectations and employ strong instructional strategies, but for Brianne and Carol-Lyn it is their strong determination to do their very best each and every day. It is their desire to support their students both educationally, and emotionally, and to help them be their very best.  In their classrooms you immediately sense their Love for children and the Love for what they do!" - Michelle May

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